11 Jun 2015

PT. KPM Oil & Gas Building Construction

KPMOG Group will soon start the construction of its new multi purpose building at Jalan Antasari in South Jakarta. The construction of this multi-purpose building marks the start of KPMOG's entry into property business, and as manifestation of KPMOG's new corporate identity.

The ground-breaking ceremony of the new KPMOG building will be held on 21 August 2015 to coincide with the 7th anniversary celebration of KPMOG.  The new 8-floors building will house KPMOG and its subsidiaries headquarter, and other facilities to support business activities.  

The KPMOG building is a complement to KPMOG's core business in the energy sector as well as to ensure business growth. The construction of the new building approximately will run for one year and will be ready to be occupied by the end of 2016.